This is the beta version of the T3Report.

The domains listed to the left link directly to your website.

If you click on the website name, you will see a report of specific page(s) on their website that links to specific page(s) on your website.

You can view the websites that drive traffic to the websites listed on the left by clicking on the image.

After clicking on the image, you will see a list of domains. The domains that are underlined have been identified to linking to a page on the next level up, where on that page is a direct link to your domain. This is called a T3Flow.

The more T3Flows you have, the higher potential traffic you can get to your website.

For paysites, you will know who your top affiliates are based on payouts. With the T3Report, you may find an affiliate that has alot of links pointing to them, but are not driving alot of traffic to you. You could contact the affiliate and discuss how they could promote you more, based on your new found analysis of the traffic that they have.

The T3Flow number or T3 Number is similar to a google PR number that can be used to summarize the overall traffic flow to a website.