The T3Report is a reporting tool that can be used in many different ways, to understand your traffic and potential traffic via qualitative analysis.

Some possible ways to use the report:

For Paysites, you already know who your top affiliates are based on payouts. The T3Report can show you an affiliate website that has alot of traffic coming to them, but based on the numbers they send you, you can deduce that they are not promoting you as much and that traffic must be going somewhere else. You can contact the affiliate and encourage them to promote you more, thus tapping into the traffic flow of the affiliate.

Webmasters can visualize the map of traffic flow to understand what websites are good candidates to purchase banner/advertising placement to gain more possibilities of traffic. Use the T3Report to evaluate which linking websites have the best potential of sending you traffic based on the number of websites linking to them.









The T3Report is a intensive spidering and data-mining end result, showing linking relations to a target domain.

The T3Report is a yearly subscription service with T3Reports delivered in email every two weeks.

Our database already contains over 130 million unique adult URL with linking information stored in the database. For new reports, we begin to spider looking for the domain as well as cross-indexing with the master URL database. Data is aggregated from multiple places with intensive spidering and data analysis to provide you with a comprehensive report that has never been offered before.

T3Report has introduced the concept of the T3Flow. T3Flow is the number of potential connections from traffic two levels away from you to flow through the first level and then on to you.

The second level website receives traffic where a link on one of the pages connects to the first level website. The page that the surfer reaches on the first level has direct links to your domain.

The connection of the 3 dots creates a T3Flow where you have the potential of receiving more traffic to your website based upon the direct connections.

The T3Report not only shows you the URL's involved in the connections, but sums all the T3Flows to give you a quick analysis of your overall traffic flow, somewhat similar to a Google PR number. The higher the T3Flow number, the higher the potential of receiving more traffic to your site.

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