For $150 per year per domain, the T3Report will be delivered to your email inbox twice a month.

Due to the intensive spidering and data-mining needed to create and maintain the report, there are no volume discounts.

To order a FREE sample report for one of your domains, fill out the form to the right.

The sample report will be a very limited version of the report showing on a few entries and from older data.

Once your sample report request has been received, the spidering system will begin to start searching for links to your domain. It may take a few days before the sample report is sent to you.

Upcoming product enhancements will include dead link check for sites that you link to, monitoring load times for pages that lead up to you and for pages that you direct traffic to, HTML optimization, etc.

Click on the Sample Report link on the menu bar to view an actual report.


Signup for a free sample report.


Email address at the domain of the requested report

Ex. If your website is, you must enter an email address like The system will extract the domain to start spidering and will send email to the user@ address when ready.

An email will be sent to the email address on the requested domain once the first report is ready. The system is in pre-launch mode. The sample report will be available starting the week of August 23rd.

By entering your domain now, the web spiders can begin to look specifically for your domain.

Once the sample report is ready, you will receive an email of where you would like the report sent.