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T3Report is Marketing Intelligence - T3Report is predominantly used by Affiliate Managers of Affiliate Programs to locate and attract the good affiliates of their competitors.

T3Report is a multi-function tool - Those looking to purchase advertising space on websites use the tool to look at the referring traffic of the website to get an understanding of the types of traffic (ie. qualified) coming to the website which they wish to advertise on. Those looking to do SEO work to gain links from websites wherever there competitors are located.

T3Rreport has been spidering the internet for the last four years, databasing the linking relationships between websites. View the How it works page as well as the demo page to learn more.




21-July - T3Report v6.0 will be released in a few days. v6.0 incorporates a CRM function to make it easier to manage the communications of contacting affiliates. v6.0 will also include a web snapshot of the website home page for a quick view of the website without visiting the website.