The three most important factors to web success is Traffic, Traffic, Traffic. Webmasters pay for traffic, participate in link exchanges, offer an affiliate program, and optimize their pages for SE traffic.

While having a good product is important for buying customers, you first need people to find your website.

The T3Report is a unique analysis of how traffic reaches you. You can analyze your own weblogs to understand who is sending you traffic based on the referer string. You can also figure out who is linking to you via tools like Alexa.

T3Report is the summation of intense spidering and data-mining analysis to create a report that identifies who links to you, and who links to the people who link to you.

The T3Report shows you the traffic flow from two levels down. The illustration on the left shows how traffic from the second level down is driven by websites to the first level.

Depending if the first level website is heavily promoting you or not, you have the potential of gaining traffic from the second level down.

The T3Report reveals the dark web of linking to show you "Where's your traffic coming from?"